ХО for exceptional men
ХО - a gift for men that really appreciate life and time. The secret is a virtuosic combination. Various wardrobe elements, textures and colors – such combination of components creates a completely unique man character. 

Moreover, the ranges of best ХО brands are represented in the network of Charisma Fashion Group boutiques. The project concept is non-standard and very interesting. 

However, the XO concept is more than traditional format of premium-class boutique. This traditional format does not fully meet the requirements of the modern businessman, who is very limited in time but having "unpretentious tastes", as Oscar Wilde says, allowing the best content. And it is desirable that the best would be focused at one place. 


The name of men's fashion concept boutique fully expresses the idea of a new project. XO is  eXtra Ordinary Dress - exclusive clothes for discerning persons. All that should be in a wardrobe of a modern man (all the clothes, including underwear and outerwear) are available in XO multibrand boutique. To be more precise, it is not just a trendy shopping but also image-building that expresses the unique personality of each client. 

As Charisma F.G. President Andrei Zdesenko says about ХО concept,‘We represent to the public a new project not only as one more premium boutique within our network, but rather more in the light of a certain man’s life style who knows a lot about fashion and demands higher quality clothes today.  

Such a vision defined ХО philosophy: "No compromises - exclusive clothes only!"

XO —  eXtra Ordinary Dress


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53, Karl Marx avenue