Fashion – behind labels and marks. 
Fashion – something hided deeply 
inside your soul.

Ralph Lauren
Charisma Multibrand Boutique – the breakthrough European format in Ukrainian fashion market.

Space of sophisticated fashion, which style was developed by the famous Arcabi design studio from Florence. 

Two levels, five sales rooms of total square more than 300 square meters contains the selection of authenticated European and the best in their field brands. 

Express your individuality –  motto of Harisma Multibrand Boutique

Here things never flashes their origin or status, they delicate outline the inner world and a character of a person who wears. 

It realized the main idea of a shop – to offer its clients clothing, which should express the individuality and specialness of its owner, became an excellent assistant in creation of unique style. 

Andrey Zdesenko, founder of Harisma Fashion Group: “We offer the clothing, which should be accentuating the most dominant- personality of owner. Each garment has its special charm and inimitative details, nevertheless always being within the frame of true taste. People choosing this clothes are always distinguished by ability to attract attention not only by external appearance but also by ….charisma”.

Harisma Multibrand Boutique:

  • 5 specialized sales rooms of men’s and women’s clothing
  • VIP sales room for custom tailoring
  • More than 40 original European brands of clothing, footwear and accessories
  • Wide assortment – from underwear to outer garments
  • Only the premium quality, best natural fabrics, ideal garment cutout
  • Harmony of an individual style and fashion tendencies
Andrey Zdesenko, owner of Charisma Fashion Group
Charisma shop window  


April – an opening of Harisma Boutique and the foundation of CHARISMA Fashion Group. About 15 genuine European brands, experts in their category.

December- development of new project design of Harisma Boutique by famous Arcabi design studio from Florence starts
September - Charisma Boutique moves to new trade center of premium level CASCADE PLAZA in the very heart of Dnipropetrovsk:
  • Opening in a new format: 300 square meters at 2 levels
  • Quantity of brands increaseы into three times, and comprises  out of 40 original European brands (from Italy, Germany, USA, Sweden)
  • Brand’s portfolio enriches with such masters of world fashion as: Ralph Lauren, John Richmond, Paul Smith, Agnona and others. 

eng: contacts

1, Katerinoslavsky blvd.
МFC Cascade Plaza
+38 056 732 08 41
+38 067 639 01 10