About brand
HERNO is a legendary Italian brand producing outdoor clothing. More than half a century HERNO BRAND offers always fashionable and high-quality clothing. Herno outdoor clothing collections represent the best Italian fashion traditions. 

HERNO products are practical, stylish and have a simple design. HERNO high- quality clothes appreciated all over the world. 

Herno down coats – perfect tailoring, comfortable hoods, roomy pockets, trendy textures and colour shades matching. The best feathers are supplied from three regions: Perigord, Siberia and Lomellina (a province of Italy). 

Herno and Hermes Brands sew their clothing at the same factory, producing fabrics for worldwide known Prada and Louis Vuitton. Herno outdoor clothing is a great solution for those who want to keep up with latest fashion trends at any time of the year and feel comfortable.

Site: www.herno.it

Aesthetics and functionality
HERNO BRAND is named after the Arno river in Italy
HERNO BRAND - high- quality down clothing 


The history of Herno Company begins in 1945.
Herno represents stylish water-proof raincoats. You need this clothing every day. A stylish water-proof raincoat is a basic item of your wardrobe.

Herno designers offered cashmere coats to fashionmongers. Herno Cashmere is very soft and pleasant to the touch. Herno Cashmere - for those who appreciate good clothing. Wearing these clothes you feel wealthy. Moreover, these fabrics are hard- wearing and warm during the cold seasons.

Herno designers offered to decorate the outdoor clothing with elaborate and colorful patterns. Such patterns were unknown to Europeans but soon they gained popularity.
Initially this Italian brand was popular in the U.S., but soon the Company gained world-wide fame. HERNO BRAND had become popular among a large number of citizens due to the new solutions.

{Nowadays HERNO BRAND combines new materials, new technologies and classical solutions. This allows the clothes to keep you warm in frost and make your style unique.