About brand
Barba Napoli, Neapolitan company founded in 1988 by Raffaele and Mario Barba, today is one of the biggest luxury shirt producers in Europe. 

Through the past years Barba Napoli has concquisted global markets bringing the italian sartorial phylosophy and production know how to the highest international visibility.

The reputation grows significantly and the product is placed in the most strategical department stores and boutiques in the world, aligned with the most prestigious Italian menswear clothing sartorial brands.

If a couple of explanations should be given regarding the key of the success and strong fidelization process with the clients, probably the best answer would be: highest and finest Italian quality versus the most honest and reasonable wholesale prices. 

Since the foundation of the brand, the main strategy and secret to success is continuous and unchangeable quality standards. The process of the  realization of a shirt is quite complex, which goes through 7 technical steps in order to guarantee the highest results. Hand made stitches, manual ironing, double technical control of each shirt completed by the essential  collaboration with the best textile suppliers like Albini Group ( i don't know if you want to indicate that).

Barba Napoli isn't dictating the rules for the trends but the standards of a man's presence and self-appreciation.

" Best fit " is the comment of our clients and retailers regarding our shirts, who became loyalized and still convinced after years of collaboration.

However in the past years after the curious request of our clients to try a larger Barba collection, the brand introduces a lifestyle total look  line and a women's collection. The evolution of the rest of the articles is a guarantee towards success as it is based on the same production phylosophy as the shirts do.
Today the company is glad to show with maximum pride the journey and direction the brand took as a lifestyle, in it's flagship store in Milan with the intention to expand on the Italian territory  by 2020 opening new store in Naples, Rome, Florence etc.