About brand

Our ideas conquered the time

Elegance and individuality were the fundamental principles that Luigi Fedeli offered as an idea of product and brand creating, affecting traditional Italian style. The idea appeared in 1934 in Monza - the largest city that produces leather and felt. The history of Fedeli Company began with luxury knitted hats production that gained popularity soon and were in demand.

Fashion emphasizes your personality

In postwar period Luigi Fedeli’s son shared his father’s views and brought new ideas. Professionalism and commitment to excellence have lead Nino to Switzerland, Scotland and England in 1950 – 1960s, allowing the Company to become a major player on the Global Market and make Fedeli products unique. New looms allowed Fedeli Company to become №1 Company in Italy. 

High Quality above All Else

Thanks to the great experience of Nino Fedeli the Company started cashmere clothing production for the first time ever since 1960. Traditional comfort and high - quality materials allowed Fedeli Company to introduce new rules of aesthetic world and classicism. The Company's philosophy expanded rapidly. 

Traditions Live Forever

Nino Fedeli’s children - Gigi and Maria Luisa, together with Fabio Conserva and Bruno Civati joined the Company in 1980, making Fedeli traditions that entered the international market more successful. Marketing revolution, communications and business globalization made Fedeli Company a knitwear leader despite tough competition. Fedeli Company style is still unique, making our customers happy around the world for more than 70 years. 
Dedication and quality, brilliant intuition and entrepreneurship have become the basis of success in the history of Fedeli brand!

Traditional comfort and high- quality materials.

Dedication and quality, brilliant intuition.