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We created generations of beatniks in the past... Today we create a Beatnik Style...

We created generations of beatniks in the past... 
Today we create a Beatnik Style...

The history of Italian Borsalino Brand began 150 years ago when the factory for felt hats production was established. Soon this enterprise and the Company had become a cult - Borsalino hats conquered the entire civilized world. Giuseppe Borsalino, who is a founder of Borsalino Brand, improved his skills in Italy and France for a long time; and when he returned home he was engaged in hats manufacturing and selling.

Giuseppe factory was located in Alessandria - a small town and the centre of Italian province. Exactly there a few decades later a huge industrial enterprise had been developed out of a small manufactory. This enterprise had been selling most of its products to America, Europe and Asian countries.

Admirers of Giuseppe Borsalino say: 
"This master of hatmaking had the most skillful hands that ever existed”.

It is worth noting that Borsalino Company has never adhered to any fashionable standards of society needs and advertising. This Italian Company has always had its own unique style based on grace, elegance and traditional classics. Borsalino hats were immortalized in the movies of the 1970s, gangster movies, in Hollywood actor’s images who have become the living embodiment of refinement and sophistication. Such names as Jean-Paul Belmondo, Ernest Hemingway, Alain Delon are world-famous. Borsalino Company has decided to expand the scope of production relatively recently and launched a perfume collection. This Italian Company has always had its own unique style. 


At the age of twenty Giuseppe Borsalino set off for France to study the secrets of hats manufacturing and then opened his own small workshop in Alessandria – his hometown. Due to this Borsalino Brand history began in 1857. Years later Giuseppe’s sons carried on the family business and increased hats production by 100 times.Gradually Borsalino proper name had become a common name. For a long time talking about Borsalino people mean soft Fedora hat with silk ribbon on the crown part and three dents. Cinematography has boosted Borsalino hats popularity. People in many parts of the world wanted to wear exactly what adorned the head of Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones Adventure or Alain Delon and Paul Belmondo in the movie with an eloquent title "Borsalino".

Old Borsalino Factory’s premises were granted to the Headwear Historical Museum of Alessandria University. It has become a symbol of Borsalino Brand international recognition.