About brand
Silhouette glasses are elegant and individual. They meet all consumers’ demands who prefer impeccably stylish, comfortable and elegant glasses. Innovative approach, original design and high- quality have enabled Silhouette Company to become a leading manufacturer and exporter of eyewear products in the world.

First Silhouette glasses were produced in Austria in 1964, at that time married couple Arnold & Anneliese Schmied had established Silhouette Company. Since that time the Company developed by leaps and bounds and today it has become a leading eyeglass frames manufacturer. 

Silhouette products are so technological that in 2000 the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) choose Silhouette glasses because they are perfect for the weightlessness in space. In 2004 the Authorized Fund of Aeronautics (Space Foundation) had awarded to Silhouette Titan Minimal Art Collection a "made in accordance with approved space standards" certification. 

All Silhouette products are manufactured in Austria only. This manufacturing ranges from designing to final processing and final quality control in Linz (Austria).

Silhouette frames production - a complex and multi-step processcombining about 140 operations,including manual (80%).Silhouette frames - durability, comfort and unsurpassed quality.

Having bought Silhouette you get high-tech product. Silhouette creators appreciate even the most extraordinary innovative ideas. Due to this Silhouette has such a big list of innovations. For example Titanium Flex invention made it possible to use durable superlight hypoallergenic frames with elastic and firm ear hooks. «SPX» - a lightweight, durable, thermal resistant, very flexible material which is a mixture of various synthetic granular resins. These liquid granular resins are saturated with gas and get the shape creating unusual colour and spatial effects. Hingeless frames make Silhouette glasses almost weightless and reliable. A team of Silhouette designers are proud for a lot of over achievements. It was Silhouette which patented IQ POL Technology –a twelve layered polarized covering protecting your eyes from blinding glare and harmful blue colour. This "smart" covering makes Silhouette lenses almost invulnerable: thanks to a hydrophobic (water repellent) covering Silhouette lenses are protected from moisture and scratches. Moreover, it is very important that Silhouette sunglasses with polarized lenses or screens transmit natural colours. 

Even Hollywood celebrities could not resist the temptation of Silhouette glasses that not only don’t spoil the appearance but also make your face charming. Probably this induced Tom Cruise to order Silhouette frames for the filming in “Collateral”. “Miami Police” creators choose Silhouette sunglasses with polarized lenses for the leading actor David Caruso. Lightweight, durable and stylish Silhouette sunglasses attracted not only Hollywood "machos". Such Hollywood actresses as Penelope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Sarah Jessica Parker have chosen Silhouette also. A combination of Silhouette style, comfort and reliability has attracted such famous and beautiful models as Naomi Kembbel and Mila Jovovich.