About brand
Rodo shoes and bags hold pride of place in a treasury of modern art masterpieces. 

Rodo is a family business based on inspiration and manual labour combined with strict principles of elegance.

 Now Dori family traditions with a half-century history have become a symbol of careful attention to details, unsurpassed quality and luxury as well as a symbol of modern classic. RODO products are for successful elegant women appreciating fashion and style. The target audience - a luxury sector inspired by an extremely feminine and self-confident woman.

Today RODO is compared with an elegance and style based on Italian glamour traditions and creativity.

Today RODO COMPANY is well known among celebrities and aristocrats not only in Italy but all over the world. It is a fact that the name of RODO Company is associated with Red Carpet and Elite as far as such famous show business stars as Jennifer Lopez, Claudia Schiffer, Charlize Theron, Beyonce and many others wear RODO unique accessories and shoes. 

In 1956 Romualdo Dori created Rodo label. The brand’s name consists of the first letters of creator’s name and surname, by the way. He invented a bags sewing technique which is still being used today by Romualdo’s son - Maurizio Dori, who is the Company’s designer now. Today RODO Company has more than a fifty-year history and experience. The company first entered the market with straw handbags and wicker baskets which were very trendy in the early 50s. It was a long way for RODO since then but many things have changed. A strategic line of articles has improved and RODO production is focused on more elegant products now: clutches and evening bags, best designer shoes, ornaments and small wares. RODO enthusiasm and commitment are always the same as in the past. 


A two-storey building of RODO Company was first built in Mogliano Marche (in Macerata district) in 1962. After reconstruction this modern and elegant style factory reflects today's image and spirit of the Company.

Elegant design, quality and sophisticated handwork define each RODO collection. Lots of RODO products are work of art indeed! Sequin decorations and handicraft are often the result of creativity and master’s art who improved their skills for many years.

Maurizio – a chief art director of the Company, who is responsible for style and creativity. But new research and sophistication, represented in RODO collection today, are the result of continuous interaction and collaboration between designers and stylists of the Company. 

We do the best while searching for materials. Leather choice and other components are the result of detailed market studies and research. Leather natural look is very important, that’s because we reduce unnecessary processing.

All accessories are designed and created by experienced craftsmen who use gems, natural materials, hand-made weaving and create colours. RODO handbags decorated with jewelry gold-plated and silver – plated clasps. Austrian or Swarovski crystals applied by hand and traditional engraving techniques are used. 

RODO COLLECTIONS - good taste and luxury. You can see Rodo handbags and shoes at noble events, in the hands of celebrities at various red carpets film festivals.