About brand
What is elegance? Tailors think that trousers sewing - a simple matter, it's easier than jackets tailoring. Jackets are the sculptures made of cloth. Probably this is a true. But in any case the easy part is not always less important. Foundation laying is a so-called "zero cycle" of house building which defines how many years, decades or centuries the building will stand. Trousers are very important in a man's suit; no elegance of jacket will help if your trousers are rumpled, stretched or too short. 

Rota trousers are the true basis 
of masculine elegance 
and impeccable style. 

In combination with sports suit jacket or jacket they create a complete image of self-confident man. 

Rota offers a wide range of fabrics:

  • weight silk
  • the world's best Irish linen
  • durable shape - holding long-staple cotton
  • well - known expensive Super 100 fine wool
  • cashmere
  • Cavalry tweed or Diagonal. Long-term wearable Britain uniforms are sewn from the same fabrics
  • corduroy, which is a favorite fabric of artists and professors

Various mixtures of durable and crease-resistant fabrics such as: silk with linen or wool with cashmere for any weather. And all shades of colours of course, traditionally used in men's clothes - black and blue, the full range of gray, brown, from cream to brown, green, all shades of green, blue ...

The main thing that distinguishes Rota trousers from the others — it's a tailoring, which makes your legs long and slender, regardless of whether they are long and slender in reality. The upper parts of Rota trousers are sewn by hand in order to achieve a greater precision. 

The secret of Rota tailoring is that there are no perfect body shapes. You can choose Rota trousers with waist folds, high waist trousers providing more space for your waist and hiding tummy that you got as a result of hard work or just laziness. If you are as slim as a young man, trousers without folds will fit your body shape and a smooth-fitting front part will highlight the natural advantages of your figure. We always make Rota legs reach the edge of your shoes, fitting the length just in the shop in order to avoid fabric dragging along the road, like all the others companies with the best reputation do.
You will be pleased to find a Rota sign behind: a small V-shaped cut in the middle of a waist. It is not necessary to ask the question why is this cut for? You will get a convictive answer after a good lunch. More half an inch will be useful and then you will once again praise yourself for choosing Rota.

The upper parts of Rota trousers are sewn by hand in order to achieve a greater precision. This is a distinctive feature of Rota trousers.
Rota offers you a wide range of fabrics