About brand
MAROL СOMPANY was established in Italy in 1959 by Rosanna Saguatti and Luciano Vignudelli - a married couple who admired perfection. Roseanne Saguatti got her tailoring skills in the best fashion schools prior to the Сompany establishment. Each Marol shirt still meets the standards established by its founders who gained mastery. Today their daughter Manuella runs the Company.

A constant desire to improve skills was the basic principle of this "high quality supplier". Such fabrics as silk, wool, linen and cotton with «Egypyian Extra», «Sea Island» and «Carribbean Cotton» double knitting are used to produce MAROL clothing. It is still hand - picked cotton, by the way. 

Marol is proud to represent you a High-Craft Luxury World

Being proud for the heritage of tailoring, MAROL brings together past and present using a series of "out of fashion" techniques. Since there are no machines performing some operations, these operations are performed manually- the stitches are made manually by very experienced skillful workers.

Each Marol shirt still meets the requirements established by Marol, gaining "Artistry" label for the product.