About brand
SARTORIA TRAMAROSSA & one of the best premium class jeans manufacturers in Italy today. Men's and women's jeans made from high quality Italian and Japanese denim are produced in a small hand production in the north of Italy in Veneto region. 

Personal signatures of all the members of production process starting from stylist and  tailor's cutter to textile boiling specialist are putted on inner label. 

This project was born in 1967 when a young tailor Chemello Urbano decided to start a blue jeans production. In those times denim was produced on shuttle looms and it was easily to recognize the jeans because of their closed edges. The first pair of blue jeans designed by Chemello was red edged jeans and this is still a specific feature of denim fabrics at all times. And this feature inspired to call this brand Tramarossa. 

Tramarossa jeans sewing 
is the only with 
the owner's initials. 

The idea is to put exquisite small metal letters on the jeans. A kind of tailor's special job - initials embroideries have became a trademark of this brand style.

Each pair of jeans has an inscription - "Made in Veneto", which is used not only for the style but also to indicate the place of production. The entire production chain has moved into the Vicenza "Denim production area". That is because the Company wants to pursue the idea of perfection, which inspires the brand's mission. "Made in Veneto" is a strong value inherent in Tramarossa tailoring. This shows a close relationship with the historical companies in this production area that have a common goal with Tramarossa clothing factory. 

The stone located on the rivet's site on the right pocket is a guarantee of genuine hand-made high-quality edge.

The peculiarity of this fabric is represented by two red lines which mark the edge of jeans. In addition to the aesthetic beauty or the special features, the red line indicates the edge production which is a high quality fabric. Traditional tailoring techniques with modern fashion trends, attention to detail, high-quality results and personalized signs indicate a genuine production and a perfect balance between a sewn product and historical cult denim.