About brand
PT01 and PT05 brands are manufactured and distributed by Carpet 50 srl Company established by Peranzhelo Fassino in Turin in 1969.

Fassino Family, whose third generation is represented in the textile market, proceeds from textiles trade to clothing production. From this moment the diversification of products begins by means of projects creations that differ in style, typology and having another price category. 

And among these projects a line of man's trousers manufacture and distribution dominated.

Trousers begin to cause emotions. 

After Eduardo Fassino arrival to the Company in the 90's, who is a son of Peranzhelo, it was radical change – the production of high level creates a line of "market oriented" sartorial quality trousers. In 2006 Mario Stefano Maran becomes a part of the Company's management and decides to change the brand. As a result the project gained momentum and RT01 Torino trousers were born. The current strategy of the product with high level of service allows RT01 Torino trousers for a few seasons to be on the best shop windows of the world. In Spring-Summer 2008 Season, following the expansion of RT01 Torino trousers, the line RT05 Chinkvetaske Torino appears. RT05 additionally proposes the trousers, concentrating on models with five pockets made of denim and other fabrics.

How to turn the most necessary cloth in a man's wardrobe a real "ambition"?  As a result of this question answering there was a small revolution regarding to men's business trousers. Thus RT01 Pantaloni Uomo was born - a unique brand, which is the code name associated with the origin and location of the brand, which destroys the usual schemes and ideas of what is a man's trousers.

Model is in the spotlight, not the material. The products of RT01 Pantaloni Torino Line have different special features. The continuous search is conducted by so called "COOL hunters" from different parts of the world is in this line in order to find original ideas that lead to the product creation and can emotionalize the buyer. The RT01 Pantaloni products managed to combine a classic tailoring style and innovation with "a modicum of self-irony."