About brand
It is all essential, nothing more. All in the spirit of greater than any fashion.Luxury fashion house ZILLI traditions are based on the ability to create clothes and a man is the main actor. 

Fashion house ZILLI clothes and accessories production is concentrated in two countries - France and Italy. All fashion house ZILLI clothing and accessories are made of the most beautiful materials and the purchase of these materials requires an excellent knowledge of suppliers and specifics of the textile industry. Glove Eskimo dog leather, ostrich, crocodile, peccary, cashmere, guanaco, vigogne, silk – all these materials are bought all over the world and are the foundation for creative discoveries and products of ZILLI fashion house.

It is all essential, nothing more. 
All in the spirit of greater 
than any fashion.


The history of French Zilli Zilli Teofilo Firm begins from Teofilo Zilli own workshop opening in which he manufactured on a by-order basis clothes of leather and fur, mainly coats. No wonder that these clothes were very popular among local people. That's because the master paid attention to each material and detail trying to produce only high quality and reliable clothes. However, if it were not for the historic meeting with businessman Alan Teofilo Shimelem in 1970, the workshop would have remained just a workshop. Thanks to a cooperation of two talented persons of human activity, Zilli represents one of the most successful brands nowadays as well as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and other key figures in contemporary fashion.

In such a way Teofilo workshop and Zilli brand gained great success at a higher international level. The first branded boutique was opened in 1980 in London on New Bond Street - one of the most prestigious areas. After 10 years the Zilli store appeared in Paris also. And today at the headquarters of the brand new collection of men's clothing and accessories regularly demonstrated. 

Assortment of the Company gradually grows also. In the early days Zilli specialized only in jackets, coats, raincoats and other types of clothing made of leather, suede, cashmere, silk and other fine materials. Since 1996 the Company also produces shirts, suits, jackets, jeans, shoes, handbags, glasses, purses, hats, wallets, cufflinks, ties and other accessories. Thus, there is a tracksuit among the variety of clothes for businessman. 

All that Zilli brand produces characterized by the following features: discreet luxury, classic but very modern style, quite brave design, only high quality materials usage, even though expensive, and therefore the Company has a reputation of "luxury" clothes manufacturer. No matter what is being discussed Zilli offers only the best solutions. At the same time, despite such incredible success and popularity and perhaps because of them, the quality of branded products in no way worse the products manufactured by hand by its founder at the beginning of his professional career.

ZILLI offers a complete collection of ultra-luxury class clothing for the most demanding men: from luxury sportswear to chic suit. Being above all the styles his clothes represent the soul of Home which opened to the world under the influence of cultures. 

ZILLI fashion house has never followed the influence of fashion, it created the style of his own. ZILLI was the first brand to offer stylish men jackets made from fine leather. ZILLI designers consider the lives of men which they wear nowadays. Tailor's unique skills allow to be free from the rules while creating. 

A variety of these fashion collections allows the ZILLI House to preserve its uniqueness and this exclusivity is emphasized by the style and quality of ZILLI House production. After more than 40 years since establishment the ZILLI fashion house represented in over thirty countries.