About brand
Sergio Rossi - the famous Italian shoe brand, synonymous which can be considered a luxury, elegance and sexiness. 

Mark is known for its attention to detail, rich decor and incredibly comfortable shoe lasts. 

It should be noted that manual work 
is still used in the process 
of Sergio Rossi shoes creation    


Inheriting from his father the tools and traditions of the great craftsman, Sergio Rossi founded his own Sergio Rossi label in the Italian town of San Mauro Pascoli which is located in Emilia-Romagna.

However he did not stop on knowledge usage he gained. Sergio Rossi transformed them into something more. Watching the work of his father, he took over the basics and skills of this profession and afterwards worked perfect. He repeated these actions and improved them with such ease, as if telling a lesson learned by heart.   

In the capital of fashion he learned how to benefit from his love of forms and models -  the most important part of the shoe know-how. Two years later at the age of twenty he moved to Bologna to get a master's degree.
In the early 1960s it was a period cultural and artistic revival in Italy - masterpiece of world cinema "Dolce Vita" showing in theaters, modern design and a new stage in the fashion world burning. 

Sergio Rossi met with Gianni Versace in the period of enormous change in the country. Both designers had a unique knowledge and knew well what they want to achieve in the world of fashion. They both chose to work with volumes, improving and perfecting their forthcoming brand. Sergio Rossi thought of shoes as an integral part and a natural part of silhouette, while Versace saw the unbreakable bond between clothing and the body. This similarity is not accidental and partly explains the reasons for their further cooperation, which made a significant contribution to the establishment of a modern Italian luxury. 

Sergio Russia began to supply his shoes to Bologna boutiques and Rimini shops. Some of these sandals have begun turning point in his career. The model was called "Opanca". The simple and daring design of the sandals had slightly rounded rising up shoe sole. 
The country experienced massive social unrest and riots that led to armed conflicts with left-wing extremist groups. So Sergio Rossi created his first pair of shoes under conditions of acute social and political crisis. The black model with a rounded toe was decorated with the name of the designer, consisting of uppercase letters and simple logo resembling a child's drawing.
Gianni Versace Fashion House offered to Sergio Rossi mutually beneficial cooperation. The established partnerships interested the other members of Milan's fast-paced world of fashion. Famous fashion designers have noticed his ability to notice the smallest details as well as to identify and anticipate trends. So Sergio Rossi had become one of the most important partners for them. During the Milan shows all asked him to choose shoes for the models on the catwalk and he barely had time to meet the growing demand. Moreover, he had to reject some of the offerings. He said yes to Versace Fashion House. Fashion shows in Milan turned into a priceless magical spectacle. That is the way how Sergio Rossi won worldwide fame and made shoes an essential accessory of fashion shows.
In the 80-s was a period of the brand rapid development. Sergio Rossi's first boutique was opened in Ancona and brand stores in Turin, Florence, Rome, Brussels, New York, Los Angeles and London were opened after that. From 1980 till 1999 the world revealed an average of about two Sergio Rossi boutiques each year. At the same time, the brand began to work closely with some of the leading Fashion houses that produce shoes for the collection of Dolce & Gabbana (in the period from 1989 to 1999) or for Azzedine Alaïa for example. 

The rapid development of the brand has led to the creation of a unique female character Sergio Rossi - strong and incredibly seductive woman. The philosophy of the designer was very simple: to look at the shoes not like at a must-have accessory but like at a part of the body, like a comfortable and amazing piece of jewelry created for the modern woman leading an active lifestyle.
Photos of the advertising campaigns of the 1990s - is a tribute to the photographer Helmut Newton.  Sergio Rossi shares his ideas with Helmut Newton about creating a modern character - self-confident woman who knows the power of her beauty and her possibilities. Like an artist the brand used photos from a low point shooting to emphasize delicacy and slenderness of the silhouette. Great attention was paid to a heel height of no less than seven centimeters, making the foot harmonious and giving the female body grace. 
Thirty years after the creation of the first pair of shoes the success of the Sergio Rossi brand was so obvious that attracted an attention of the greatest figures of the fashion industry. In 1999 Sergio Rossi brand merged with the largest company Gucci Group. New brand boutiques were opened in such prestigious cities as London, Tokyo, Paris etc.
Nowadays Francesco Russo is a creative director of Sergio Rossi. The designer continues the traditions of this brand founder creating a surprisingly beautiful and sophisticated collection of shoes and accessories. It should be noted that manual work is still used in the process of Sergio Rossi shoes creation.