About brand
Santoni footwear - quality, craftsmanship, pursuit of excellence and creativity. These always changing elements have become a work of art! Shape, structure, process, technology that appeared not only as a result of innate propensity for elegance, but also the shoe culture that started with men's shoes and expanded up to the women’s, children’s shoe lines and accessories.

MADE IN ITALY BRAND uniqueness remained unchanged for many years. Quality, attention to details and handicraft are the key elements that distinguish the brand from the most popular and well-known luxury brands.

Traditions and innovations. Santoni success based on ideal combination of traditional production techniques, the ability to create “made to order” shoes and an evolutionary approach towards exploring and design. This attracts all demanding buyers who search for development and choose the best. 

Santoni collections are available in exclusive boutiques all over the world and flagship shops in Milan, Rome, Turin, Capri, Cannes, St. Moritz, Tokyo, Beijing, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shanghai, Doha, Baku and Moscow.

Santoni - luxury, design, excellence.


  • PATINA hand-painting technique has become SANTONI BRAND’s unique feature since its creation.
  • Using 15 different colors the masters develop the recipes of authentic shades and it may take many hours. The first color is applied to the leather by hand and it takes time to be absorbed. The next step- woolen fabric. They polish the leather vertically and slowly with a woolen fabric. After the dyeing they thoroughly polish the shoes with a brush and then manually, using natural creams and waxes, cashmere and silk fabrics. This slow process requires special attention making PATINA shades unique. 


  • Buffalo leather softness and special properties of soft tannage will keep the value of thin and long- wear material. Matte chamois and nubuck leather, wrinkled tanned calf leather, natural cowhide leather represent the ancient art of tanning and offer eco- friendly products. 
    Vintage Effect Leather – a result of natural tanning.  
  • The leather becomes unique as a result of such processing and you can feel this when wearing. As a result of daily use the leather changes getting “Aged effect” and you can notice this effect easily. These effects should be considered as peculiarities of Vintage Effect Leather. Santoni selects only the best footwear leather in order to get the best “true objet d’art” results.  

    Santoni - “true objet d’art” footwear. 
    Santoni – one of the most popular luxury brands. 


Since SANTONI BRAND inception in 1975 it follow the ideology bringing the best in cultural heritage and Italian craftsmanship. Andrea Santony high-class footwear laboratory was created by the Company in 1975 also and Andrea’s son Giuseppe had become the Company’s owner. Creating a staff of 400 workers and a sales turnover of more than 50 million Euros he modernized the Company.
The modern production is a result of an age-old know-how. This age-old know-how is steel used by skilled craftsmen who work for the Company since 1975. They have witnessed SANTONI local footwear shop transformation into a worldwide - known SANTONI BRAND, sticking to the traditions of high- quality and beauty.