About brand
All my collections have history and romance. There are no cheap glamour only beauty, quality and elegance
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren is all over the world famous american designer. His company Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation release clothes, accessories, underwear, perfumery, furniture, fabric, tableware, wallpapers, sweets, and also pets supplies. 

The USA designer Counsil gave Ralph Lauren a title  «The fashion icon», and also he received a title «The designer of the year»  three times (1986, 1995, 1996). 

The designer can be called the American Dream: he is a person who came from the lower orders and achieved great success.

Trade marks: 
Ralph Lauren, Polo Jeans Co., 
Rugby, RL Childrenswear, RRL, 
RLX, Chaps, Club Monaco, 
Purple Label, 
Blue Label, Lauren, 
Ralph Lauren Home, etc.

One of the main principles of the designer is use of innovations. His brand was the first from the top-of-the-range brands which started to sell goods through Internet, the function (QR-codes) was represented at first time in Ralph Lauren advertizing campaigns and a store at Madison Avenue in New York has a touch screen before the entrance. It is allowed to do shopping at any time of day or night. 


Ralph Lauren started a line of ties named Polo. In this way he wants to pay the tribute to the classical elegance which is a definitive distinction of a title game. 
The brand Polo by Ralph Lauren became a first men's brand which was selled in New York store Bloomingdale's. For young man from Bronx it was not easy to reach it. A store had constantly advanced claims to designer. They demanded to change ties size or to take away his name from the products labeles if necessary. But Ralph Lauren didn't give up because he was sure in his success. He knew that right distributor will give him start in life and was ready to accept all requirements.
First release of women's collection Polo in the USA. Creation of Polo logotype. Opening of the first Polo store. Women's Polo collection hits the shelves of Bloomingdale's store. How Ralph explains his success: «Once men needed ties to express themselves. Properly chosen  good-looking tie says about social status, taste and style of its owner.».
In 1971 to favour with his wife who was a fan of his menswear Ralph Lauren launches a womenswear line. And the logotype with polo-player appeared on the women's shirts labels at first time. 
This year was opened the first Polo store in the Beverly Hills area of good address (USA). 

The brand releases a line of men's and women's clothes, which have already won  acceptance of customers . It shows incredible development rate of the brand. 
The famous polo shirts at first became accessible in 24 colours and right there became an integral part of american fashion. After polo appeared such famous products of Ralph Lauren as shirts Oxford, trousers «chinos», tweed jackets and denim shirts. 

Launching of clothes collection Polo for boys. Two first fragrances were put on sale Polo, Polo for men and Lauren. The clothes collection launching named Westernwear.
In 1978 when shirts were made of polyester and the quality left a lot to be desired Ralph Lauren created cotton shirts for his sons and then launches a collection for boys Polo for Boys. «I cherish my family very much», - says Lauren,- «and when I create collection Polo, I always take into account not only my requests but their too.»  Soon appeared a girlswear collection and then the collection for babies. 
This year the brand entries into perfume market. In 1978 the designer creates two unique fragrances –  Polo for men and women's fragrance Lauren. Many years on – in 2002 – the brand releases the new men generation fragrance named Polo Blue.

The name of Ralph Lauren is already familiar to americans and in 1979 the brand decided to launch it first major advertizing campaign. 
Ralph Lauren became a first american designer who opened his own store in Europe. He decides to open boutique on New Bond Street in London and after 12 years the brand has a whole floor of the store. 
A few years later the designer opened a boutique in Paris and after opening a single-brand store in Milan Italian fashionists became interested in this mark.

Launching of line Ralph Lauren Home.
First appearance of men's trade mark in the famous store Bloomingdale's.
Launching of menswear collection Polo Sport.
Launching of menswear collection Purple Label.

Launching of womenswear collection Polo Sport. Appeared collection Polo Jeans Co.

Launching of line RLX, created with Polo Sport details.

Launching of girlswear collection RALPH which was buyed by a brand of Monaco Club. 
The brand celebrates its 35-anniversary. Launching of womenswear collection Blue Label.
Opening of the first childrenswear boutique in New York. Besides, in New York was open a first showroom with all Ralph Lauren menswear collection. Ralph Lauren suggests customers of his website to create a polo shirt model chosing colour, logotype and then order it on a website Polo.com. For this purpose on the site is opened a section Create your own, suggesting users try on the role of designers. 
Opening a store in Milan (Italy). 

Book Diary of a collection.

Ralph Lauren received a title «The fashion icon» of  The USA designer Counsil.

Ralph Lauren became an official designer of american team at Olimpics in Peking. Basis of the sport outfit became famous polo shirts maden in the colours of the American flag.  

Maden from different materials, with different sizes and colours, ties led to fashion revolution which  had happened  quite often at that time. Intoxicating success of this accessory made it an intergral wardrobe detail of every stylish man. 

To customize clothes for changing american life style the mark launch at first hi-tech line RLX in 1998 and then (in 1994) a line of suits for young men named Polo Jeans Co, Blue Label for women in 2002 and its famous classical but sexy line Rugby for women in 2002. In 2004 was released the clothes line for 16-25-years girls and many others after it.

Thinking about mark image Ralph Lauren openes his first showroom in New York to introduce the line Ralph Lauren and others marks of line. This year in New York again opens the first signature boutique of childrenswear Polo. 

Follow its own tradition to keep up with the times the mark use all innovative technologies.   

After launching web-sites the mark placed a large touch screen before the entrance of the store at Madison Avenue. With the help of this screen customers can do shopping with one click at any time of day or night. David Lauren, the head of advertising department comments this project in such a way: «We have seen «Minority Report»by Steven Spielberg and decided to find a way anyhow to use this unusual technology to rise mark sales».