About brand
Besides the fashion John has been always interested in rock music, and a love to music is embodied in his products with the highest accuracy in a daring tailoring style "street chic" and well-made drawings. 

Another important element of John Richmond philosophy is a "street culture", which expressed in the following slogans: «Destroy, Disorientate, Disorder», «Diamond Dog», «Eat Cake», «Wanna be your Dog». 

John clothes chose such stars as Madonna, Mick Jagger, Annie Lennox, «Duran Duran», Axl Rose and Brian Adams because John interacts with the world of music.

important element of John Richmond
philosophy is a "street culture"


John Richmond was born in Manchester, but soon he moved to London and graduated from the University of Kingston in 1982. 
At the beginning he created his own collection giving this collection his name and becoming a chief representative of the British avant-garde. In 1995 John began to look for new opportunities to enter foreign markets and making contacts with the Italian entrepreneur Saverio Moskillo, being acquainted with him 10 years earlier. This year their friendship develops into a close and professional cooperation and they begin to work together in an atmosphere of deep mutual respect and trust.
Saverio Moskillo transfers at the disposal of John a distribution network with showrooms located in various cities of the world: Milan, Naples, Rome, Paris, Dusseldorf and New York. Richmond responses with zeal, creativity and splendour of his collections. Top quality products, capillary Moskillo distribution network, deep mutual respect and confidence of partners ensured the success of the brand today.

Perfume and cologne called John Richmond Perfume and John Richmond Perfume For Men were putted on the market. 
In October 2011 another perfume called Viva Rock appeared in the market. Moreover, a network of RICHMOND shops are going to open. There you will find all Richmond X and Richmond Denim clothes collections for men and women. The idea is to represent the youth clothes lines in one boutique in all major international markets, including Italy.
The collection is represented by two lines: John Richmond – the main line – and RICHMOND – the branch, including pret-a-porter as well as denim outfit. The John Richmond and RICHMOND collections are completely made in Italy and spread through successful showrooms net Moskillo, located in the most upscale fashion city streets of Italy and other countries: Milan, Naples, Rome, Paris, Dusseldorf and New York. In the boutique net of Charisma Fashion Group was represented the first John Richmond line especially for our region.