About brand
Bertolo Cashmere - real Made in Italy consul all over the world.

COMPANIES' TRADITIONS AND SECURITY with thirty years of experience.

BERTOLO BRAND - is a synonymous of high-quality products, models rich with unique author's details all designed and manufactured in Italy by highly professional masters. 

TRUE ELEGANCE - made in Italy quality, quality materials choosing as well as attention to details makes BERTOLO firm a unique product designed for exclusive distribution market for women and men who wants to look stylish. 

unique and luxury items 
for true connoisseurs, 
embroidered and 

At 10 minutes from the Malpensa airport and 30 km from the Milan, BERTOLO firm offers a selection of immaculate and long to wear clothing. Technology of hand art crafts using is a main Bertolo product specific characteristic that has made the product exclusive.

Quality, wearing comfort and professional service is a philosophy of the Company. 

You can recognize BERTOLO brand due to the colors and modern quality fabric: such as cashmere - it is a comfort that wraps the body. Wool and cashmere blend, the finest fabrics made of cashmere and silk, Tasmanian wool super 120 E 140 E fabric and products made of the finest cotton. 

Fabrics with such technical characteristics as windproof and waterproof, combined with soft cashmere, allow you to create elegant and fashionable sweaters and bilateral type sports jackets. 

New ways of thinking, new rules, figures created by interlacing colors, unconventional shadows and contours inspired by the Renaissance period.     

  • Luxury jacquard patterns,
  • special gold loops,
  • blue Lapislazulo, Bordeaux
  • and light green stitches resemble magnificent tapestries from the past.

Exclusive knitwear products painted by manual or with leather inserts are for very elegant and refined men.