About brand
Modern Dsquared2 brand philosophy is a mix of Canadian punk style refined Italian tailoring and attention to detail. 

In Dsquared2 collection there are no pretentious classical suits, precious fabrics and modesty. 

Ripped, shabby jeans, red and blue training shoes – that's what made famous Canadian brothers.

Because of special 
treatment of clothes 
the brand is called  
«luxury alternative»


Twin-brothers Dean and Dan Caten who created the brand Dsquared2, appeared on the fashion horizon in 1994 represented to the public their debut menswear collection.
In the next seven years the tandem working hard at image development and attracting attention to the private label. In 2001 their efforts turned into recognizable brand, popular in creative community.  Finally they were rewarded by Madonna attention. Mainly she was the one who assure brothers fame ordered costumes for «Don`t Tell Me» video.
After a year Dsquared was preparing costumes for the whole pop-diva tour together with the Spring/Summer menswear collection test release. The result was a success of brothers and unexpected first female models. Such a turn had not gone unnoticed and Women`s Wear Daily featured designers on their cover. In winter 2003, not to rest on their oars, Catens made a womenswear collection fashion show featuring top models and it brought them another Women`s Wear Daily cover.

Simply inventing «the history and image of man and woman in this story», the twins can democratize fashion trends, their clothes are very close to customers. Dsquared - is fashion of beautiful provocation in the quest for individuality without losing touch with reality. Twin-brothers are trying to create  «easy-to-understand clothes». They don't afraid to include in their collections religious attributes but they don't overstep the bounds of decency. 

In 2003 Dsquared2 brand received award "La Kore" («Oscar» of Italian fashion world) in nomination «the most creative brand». In october 2003 Dean and Dan were called the best designer breakout according to GQ.

Dean and Dan Caten are operating extensively by religious theme in fashion show which was in 2005 dated to 10-years of the brand. They using Latin crosses as collar buttons or design of tie elements releasing clothes from stereotypes and challenge routine. The fashion show in Moscow raised brand rating accented individuality of designers approach.  
Exclusive award «Aguja de Oro» found brothers in 2006 and signified complete breakout of the brand and after a year Catens signed a contract with «Juventus» for creating uniform for Italian football team. It is only beginning of brand history but designers have already earned foreground among lead trend brand, assured base for future achievements. 
In December 2007 twins received a title «Man of the Year» from Spanish magazine GQ. The award  was given by edition director saying: «Dean and Dan deserve this title like nobody's. They have singular gift to combine incompatable things and they always have elegant look.» In 2009 Dean and Dan received a star on Canadian Walk of Fame. The official opening was on 11 of September 2009 in Toronto. 
In 2008 in Milan was opened  flag boutique Dsquared2. Then in 2008 were opened single-brand boutiques in Capri, Stamboul, Kyiv and Hong Kong.
In 2009 the net was extended by stores in  Cannes, Moscow, Dubai and Singapore.