About brand
These collections are light and calm always. A confident femininity of airy dresses and multilayer skirts, which remind of veils, is striking. An image of fragility and inner world appears. Such expensive fabrics as superfine wool, chiffon and satin are associated with a slight feeling of inaccessibility. 

Nowadays Stella McCartney, who is a daughter of worldwide known member of the Beatles, runs Chloe House. After her arrival Chloe House started a new life. 

Probably you can never find more romantic story than the story of Chloe House. 


It all started then a young rich aristocrat Gaby Agen moved from Egypt to Paris in 1945. In a little while this intelligent and energetic woman was bored with a high life and she decided to draw 6 sketches of dresses for one of her friends. Afterwards Gaby sewed these models with the help of two tailors. She folded these ready-made clothes in a "small bag" and came to boutiques. Jacques Fath, Dior, Carven were the first buyers of Gaby Agen charming clothes.

Soon at her home in a remote baby-sitter's room a small dressmaking studio had been done and then Gabi together with her two assistants – a former operetta singer and a female medic began to create new suits. And then was the first problem. How to name the small enterprise? Agen is not a good name. The designer asked her friend's permission to name this dressmaking studio Chloe, after her friend's name Chloe de Bruneton, and the friend agreed because according to predictions the business had 3 months to live. 

But her friend's predictions were wrong. Chloe Models called 'nice little stitched dresses" quickly sold out. The crazy attempts of fashion house creating succeed unexpectedly.

It was a first show of Chloe House at breakfast in worldwide famous Cafe de Flore in 1956, which was a favorite place of Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir. The show was quite successful. 

It was a real Chloe House prosperity than Karl Lagerfeld got down to the business in the 70-s. But it was not a long - term success. Lagerfeld left Chloe House with the majority of the staff in the 80-s and the things went wrong. 

In 1995 the Company's management proposed Stella McCartney to become a leading fashion designer. For the first time her collection was shown to the public after graduating from St Martins school (fashion design classes). Lots of students representing their diploma in fashion design ask their friends to take part in the fashion show nowadays. Stella's friends were two supermodels - Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss at that time. 

Characterizing Stella McCartney's collections we should say that the clothes are flirtatious and romantic, tender and sexual, dynamic and daring. She demonstrated a combination of simple shapes with slightly sophisticated folded lacy edges, knitted inserts, extended sleeves, embroidery, lacing ... Silk and cotton with a sense of old-fashioned underwear: lace corsets with long extended skirts, bikini with a red heart symbol and light slip dresses have become her trademark.

Stella forwarded Chloe in a new direction – freshness and youth with a trace of English eccentricity. "There is no main point – wearing these women's clothes you just feel comfortable, you feel your femininity and sexuality ...".

Phoebe Philo holds the post after Stella's leaving in 2002. 

Phoebe Philo's collections are light and calm. Her clothes are created for grown-up girls of Turgenev period (Ivan Turgenev is a world-famous Russian novelist who lived in the nineteenth century. In his novels he described the morals and cultural values of that period). Slenderness of semi-transparent tops, confident femininity air dresses, multilayer skirts, which remind of veils, have become companions of Chloe collection, remaining as sexual as always. 

That's how it was than intrigues and famous names were in the history of Chloe Fashion House, which appeared in Paris thanks to the whim of young rich Egyptian Gaby Agen.