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Traditionally family Italian brand Cesare Paciotti has been inspiring devotees of an extraordinary style and the highest quality all over world for more 50 years by. Company’s motto: to pursue perfection in every detail. 

Company’s development history commenced from handmade manufacture of a men's classic footwear line by spouses Pacciotti. Within some decades, the small family company has grown into world known fashion brand which represents not only footwear and clothes for men and women, but also and a line of perfumery, jewelry from precious metals and gems, eye-wear and home products. 

The creative union of company’s successors Paola and Cesare Pacciotti transferred into speedy development of business, and creation of a special style that is noticeable in all brand collections. Where elegance and quality combined together, translate in contemporary fashion.

Cesare Paciotti’s innovative ideas and provocative designs have earned him tremendous recognition worldwide.  Today company manufactures shoes for such brands as Versace, Romeo Gigli, Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli. 

Shoes from Cesare Paciotti – 
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Cesare Paciotti flagship boutique 


Giuseppe Paciotti founded the company in 1948 and started a production of a men's classic line, completely handmade, that was called Paris.
Next generation of Paciotti  family - Paola and Cesare -  today fully control the company.
Cesare became C.E.O. of the company and decided to realized the first collection with the label "Cesare Paciotti". 

Company did an important step in its development and opened the shoes and accessories line for ladies. Besides that, one more newborn unisex shoes line -  Paciotti 4US has  started ,  completely dedicated to sport and free time. Following the theme, it was created the new clothing line to match the same name. 
Company has opened the separate lines of jewelry, perfumes, lingerie and home products.

Cesare Paciotti flagship boutique 
Cesare Paciotti flagship boutique 
Cesare Paciotti