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Casadei is an embodiment ofhigh-fashionpassion for more than50 years. The quintessence of femininity and sensuality, astonishing shapes and a wide variety of materials in each new collection will amaze you more and more! Casadei - is a fashion and talking about trends makes no sense.

Creativityand production show the preference for Italian traditions of shoes making, skillful craftsmanship and endless experiments with style. These charming clothes not only make you want to wear but also enjoy their excellent trimming and details. Embossed python imitation, metallic elements, glimmer glass and nylon-all this make such model a real theatrical sculpture with its own history. 

Casadei shoes have comfortable soles regardless of maximum attention to the brand's design, traditional heels, platforms and a particular hi-fashion style.This is one more reason why Casadei Brand is so popular today among fashionable women in Europe, the Far East and the USA.

Casadei - 
this is a fashion

Cesare Casadei


Quinto and Flora Casadei opened a small workshop near Rimini and launched the first collection of sandals designed for tourists having resorts on the coast of Italy. Over the next10years the company had transformed in to a promising highly specialized shoes production business which begun to increase exports to Germany and the United States.
In this period the development of the brand was as rapid as it was before: the first advertising campaign launching, first exports to Japan and, finally, the first single-brand Casadei boutique opening in Brussels; the further Casadei Brand expansion in the Middle East.
Cesare Casadei, who is an inheritor of this family business, had become the Company's creative director and a key link between the two worlds: traditions and Made in Italy craftsmanship on the one hand and the team managers and designers whose mission Casadei Brand global expansion on the other hand.
2000 - 2010
The company continues its rapid growth: sales hit records, Casadei mono-brand boutiques opened one after another all over the world. The brand had become one of the most popular highest- rank celebrities in the community these years. Such fashion industry masters as Mario Testino and Nick Knight shooted Casadei advertising campaign. The company celebrated its 50thanniversary releasing a book and organizing Casadei exhibition. 
2000 - 2013
Today Cesare Casadei business grows at20% annually. There are more than 16 flagship stores and a new showroom in New York. In the new millennium Casadei Brand expansion reaches Russia, China and the Middle East. Keeping pace with the times, Casadei launches internet- based trading system in 2013. Visit us on www.casadei.com.

 Casadei boutique 
More than 50 years in fashion
Fashion illustration – the base of each c collection