About brand
Piazza Sempione brand was innovated raver recently - in 1991, since that time this brand clothing has steady success. 

The clothes of this collection are very easy-to-use not only because of fabulous sewing patterns, but also because having principle 'Clothes for people who do not pay attention to the brand and choose clothes without any prejudices and biases simply because they like them'. 

'This is a woman who lives in a city and loves the diversity of opinions and is not obsessed with fashion. She loves stylish clothes made of luxurious fabrics', explains Piazza Sempione CEO Enrico Mora.

Piazza Sempione - a luxury women's
clothing that combines modern
technology and tailoring traditions 
of Italy, which provided an instant 
success on the international 
fashion area. 

Piazza Sempione Lines use classic natural materials, and Piazza Sempione Blu created in the spirit of free casual style. Since 2006 Piazza Sempione is under control of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) group having own mono-brand stores in Rome, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Las Vegas.Piazza Sempione stores can be found all over the world.