About brand
This not a craft, this is an art
Salvatore and Anna Pianura
If you like to be in the centre of attention - these clothes are for you of course. Being bright, luxurious and elegant they attract attention and inspire admiration.

Pianurastudi brand is associated with extroverted and adventurous femininity, with fresh and energetic image. Any woman wearing Pianura Studio clothes looks mysterious and desirable, mysterious and a bit whimsical, independent but so sweet tempered and vulnerable; the entire image is built on contradictions that Master highlighted. 

Pianurastudio style is a magnificent testimony of ironic, playful and unbridled elegance, youth and sensuality. It is suitable for any woman who is not afraid to discover new aspects of her perfection, her very own. 

Luxury as a lifestyle.


The Crimson Company was istablished in the Roman world-wide known boutique. In this boutique Salvatore Pianura and his sister Anna Pianura jointly created a collection of women's ready-to-wear called pret-a-porter for the first time. This collection was well elaborated with quality peculiar to piece-goods production.

Having entered the market in 1980 with its piece-goods the CRIMSON SRL Company created a real brand afterwards. Salvatore Pyanure is aware like no other that making clothes for a modern woman is not a craft, this is an art. We must understand what every customer wants. It is no doubt that a young modern woman is independent, daring, defiant, but she wants to remain sweet tempered, beloved and each designer should be sensitive to this mood. 

Even at the design stage these collections are ahead of the fashion trend and the market demand, they use a combination of the most avant-garde fabrics and patterns for silk-screen printing are designed by company's own design department. Patterns on the Pianura Studio products known to be the real masterpieces that enable at first sight ordinary t-shirt sparkle with new colors and any girl in such a not too dressy summer dress can go to any party to become a queen without a doubt. A technique of drawing on fabric helps a Crimson Company to stay exclusive.  

So Pianurastudio brand appeared which combine stylistic and entrepreneurial know-how of Pianura family. The main idea of these Pianura Studio collections is the desire to be brilliant and be visible, stand out from the crowd. All the clothes of this brand are recognizable but not intrusive, challenging but not flashy. Salvatore Pyanure managed to find the edge that allows a woman to attract attention, look daring, exciting but not cheeky.

Today the Company's headquarters is located in the heart of Rome and covers an area of more than four thousand square meters. 

The functionality and design, which are harmoniously merge with headquarters premises, make it not just an office but contribute to the synergy between all departments - from the business department to stylists, from management department to the designers, from the logistics department to the production department.

Since 1980 the Company, that is the owner of Pianurastudio brand, has entered the international market pret-a-porter for the first time. Since that time the Crimson Company continue to show the fashion world its main strategy - namely, the commitment to the aesthetic component of beauty and elegance. Salvatore says that he does not create artificial clothes; the master finds its inspiration in the natural environment. The spark can flash the beauty of the autumn forest, mystery night twilight, diamonds stars scattered across the sky, whispering wind, fluttering leaves - it all becomes a masterpiece, a love of woman all over the world.

Master sees shopper's natural beauty, trying to emphasize it, not to create an artificial appearance. Pianura believes that any woman is beautiful, it is necessary only to reveal all the features of her magic beauty, in each shopper he can see a perfect work of nature, which is inherently perfect and clothing from the Pianura Studio collections should only emphasize image.

Trying to please the shoppers Pianura search for stylistic decisions, use top quality materials and he is very attentive to each detail of the product. The combination of textures, fabrics, accessories, fine lines, modern and classic stiles – all that allows any woman who prefers Pianura Studio to become unique, one only one. 

The Company's activities include both - clothes designing and stylistic solutions searching as well as direct production of ready-made clothes at the Company's production site. A team of stylists controls the production process every day under the management of Company's founders - Anna and Salvatore Pianura.