About brand
A new production method is based on three key principles: sensitivity, creativity and sustainability. The brand is an expression of Orian family pride and superior craftsmanship expressed in each product.

Good quality goods can not be made without innovation. This meant a period of big investments in research and development as well as big investments in creative experimentations with each new collection for all products and equipment. The whole work team composed of designers, technicians, textile engineers and chemists involved in the development of a new exclusive manufacturing process.

Having looked on the left cuff you will notice the creative "signature" of the Italian modelling. 

This tiny detail illustrates unprecedented Italian culture elegance.

Attention to details distinguishes the Orian style.


Year of establishment - 1968, the beginning a long way, it all starts with the original Giangaetano Orian idea. This idea makes a breakthrough, a small revolution in the traditional world of masculine elegance. In addition to the classic shirts that are made of the finest Italian fabrics Giangaetano offers an innovative collection based on velvet, patterns and colours. It certainly becomes an instant success.

 In the eighties the second generation of the family began to work for the Company: Richard, Roger and Frederick Orian, who are three different personalities and who brought to the Company the energy of their own. A new industrial enterprise has been created, which combines traditional tailoring and innovation as well as close cooperation with the leading Italian fabrics manufacturers for shirts and the most famous boutiques in the world.