About brand
More than a century, LUBIAM brand from Italy has been embodied the conception of refined style and premium quality While speaking about tailored mastership of man’s suit, we dare say that nothing compares with LUBIAM’s  art skills of tailor cutout.

As abiding to heritage, fabrics of the highest quality and a impeccable tailor cutout express the line of official clothes Luidgi Bianchi Mantova ,which models, first of all, are in a field of interests of respectable business men. Accordance to contemporary tendencies and considered elegance distinguishes the more democratized line L.B.M. 1911, which will be appreciated by junior gentlemen.

Collection of LUBIAM fabrics represents the best samples of an exclusive quality, including Loro Piana wool from Super 120’s till Super-180’s and fabrics from Italian manufacturers Vitale Barberis Canonico and Fratelli Tallia di Delfino. 

Brand LUBIAM has been 
exclusively represented in Dnipropetrovsk in 
Multibrand Boutique 
Charisma F.G 
since March, 2012.

The distinctive feature of fabrics is the marvel comfort, incredible wearability, all seasons wearability and an ideal fit of manufactured articles. Within process of suit making, they used not only wool, but also cashmere combined with silk. Rich collection of fabrics corresponds the most modern tendencies and as most important – the highest requirements to quality. 

It’s the honor of LUBIAM company - «Su Misura» - its custom tailoring. Having optimized the manufacture process, they preserve their value – the prevailing share of hand made operations, thus providing LUBIAM the leading positions among Italian companies, servicing the same. 

By efforts of several generations of family owners, the company has achieved the international recognition: brand is widely represented in the most prestigious boutiques of 

  • Europe
  • USA
  • China
  • Japan, as Harrods, Barney’s and others
LUBIAM. LUigi BIanchi Mantova
Fourth generation of company’s owners – Bianka’s family


In the north of Italy, namely in a country town Mantua, there has begun the career of young tailor Luidgi Bianchi. Dreaming to continue the business of his father and grandfather, he left at his early 16 years his native province and went to Turin for training  the secrets of tailor's business.
An opening of the first shop - LUIDGI BIANCHI – clothing for men and costumes for women. Namely in this shop it appeared the first samples of prêt-a-porte line, besides with the clothes made as customs tailored garments. However, the female clothing line has been eventually closed, in order to concentrate all efforts to manufacture and improvement of a man's line.
A new manufacture Luigi Bianchi INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION opened, with total quantity of employers 500 persons.
Newborning of a  lable LUBIAM, as acronym to LUigi BIAnchi Mantova, emphasizing one more time its deep roots with place of establishment and period, since the company starts its history countdown.
The middle of a century was the remarkable period for LUBIAM, when they at the early 40th, one of the first has opened a show-room in the centre of Milano, and in 50th – advertising campaign, built over the motto Wearing LUBIAM  you feel differ  at national television Carosello, that have made an effect of a boom.
The third generation of Bianki’s family runs the company, that results in a new stage in development: expansion to American markets, as well as speedy technical progress in manufacture facilities…..

Having survived the complicated for business period, company transfers its basic manufacture facilities to Tunis,   that allows to keep balance of  price and quality within this crisis period. These years company considers as full restoration of its positions by representing its brand in such networks, as: Harrods (London), Barney’s (USA), N.K.(Sweden), F.One (Japan), etc.

Today LUBIAM is a label with the international effect and tremendous recognition, representing Made in Italy among the most prestigious foreign boutiques. Plenty of retailers demonstrated the LUBIAM collections all over the Europe, USA, Russia, Middle and Far East.

Manufacture facility LUBIAM in Italy
Prevailing share of hand made in fabrication  and processing
Art of cutout: 100 and one year of success