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Family and Cultural Wealth

Not only Lamberto Lausanne loved his family business. From an early age he was fascinated by a passion for the arts.After getting proficiency in opera singing he believes that "the musical harmonic beauty" often helps him to find a lot of perspectives in the complex world of modern fashion.

Paola Lamberto together with his daughter observed the development of each new collection as the birth of a new melody - the choice of yarn and fabric in harmony with the style and colour that are able to convey a sense of beauty.

Lausanne Family always believed that "human capital" and their employees are one of the most important factors of Company's success. 

Young women are the major part of the Company's staff. Having craft work they keep up local traditions of Umbria region. This region, located in the centre of Italy, is rich in history and has natural artistic beauty. 


"We pay tribute to all the women expressing our sincere desire to create high-quality products that meet the demands of sophisticated tastes and numerous requirements and which are able innovate day-to-day life and to make this life more esthetic, thanks to a masterful tailoring and responsive individual approach". 

Lamberto observed the development of
each new collection as the birth 
of a new melody


Lausanne Giovanni had decided to run the production of knitwear if his own. Being a lover of all beautiful and great esthete he chooses Penn Palace (Palazzo Penna) premises for a future laboratory in the historic center of Perugia decorated with frescoes. Nowadays the Regional National History Museum of Modern Art is in the building. Thus the first Losani Laboratory was born.