About brand
Alessia Giacobini started herprofessional career path with a group of assistants who believed her so truly that voluntarily invested the project. Theirintuitiondid not fail– this year the brand is being sold successfully in 250shops around the world. 

Being trained as an architect, Giacobini always pays close attention to precision tailoring and practical clothing. Jo No Fui Brand will not disappoint you. Basic clothes with twists are necessary anyway,even in a wardrobe of the most extravagantfashionable woman! 

Femininity and sensuality,
decorated with some ethnic details,
are the main features 
of the brand which distinguish 
it from the others.

A modern woman feels confidenttoday matching and combiningthe clothesand don't needready-made solutions any more. Based on this idea Alessia creates All-In-One-Collection combining a wide range of clothing which go well with the other clothes. 

Jo No Fui Brand Designer 


Alessia Giacobiniso impressed the company's customers with her talentanda sense of stylethat in2000 oneof Adriatic luxury Salon's directors helped her to create a collection designed specially for his trendy shops. 
Alessia Giacobini's debut amazed even the most demanding fashion connoisseurs. Jo No Fui Brand officially appeared in 2001 and Alessia began women's clothes collection designing for her own company.
Being known originally only in Milan and its surroundings, the brand has become popular outside Italy soon: Jo No Fuihas opened more than150boutiquesin different countriesof the world.