About brand
For over thirty years Della Ciana is a synonymous of knitwear of the highest quality. Based on the ideas of the highest creativity, Della Ciana offers a unique, balanced style that is sensitive to the current trends and to the comfort and well-being of their clients, but at the same time not forgetting the modern canons of classic elegance. 

Cashmere is the most valuable and the noblest of all the fabrics that epitomizes the soul of Della Ciana collections. This fabric is produced only in Italy and is known throughout the world for its harmony and combination of colours and designed to embody the dreams and desires of those who do not deny themselves the pleasure and temptation of to be well-dressed. 

The style is dedicated to women and men 
who do not want to make great display
of luxury but want to turn the quality
into the philosophy 
of life. 


It is difficult to summarize in a few words how important Della Ciana brand for the market, for the textile industry today and for me. 

Establishing the Company in 1978, I did not expect that we would achieve such success of course. I like to look back and I do it with a pride and I see that a long way was since then. But at the same time I can see with the same pleasure that there is a long way ahead. There is one constant factor in this way - passion. I suppose it's my destiny, because this passion of my blood, it is the reason for me to live. I have sincere passion to knitting – an ancient art of creating knitwear having a long history in Umbria. Umbria is my land and this is my true source of inspiration. That is because Umbria has a genuine calling for beauty. 

The oldest and great land values associated with the diligence and hard work, loyal relationships between people, unpretentious beauty of things - that are the essence of my professional training, because they are always within me. That is because Della Ciana product is my favorite product. This is a natural land product that feeds on land energy and finds in this land the meaning of life. This is a product which contains the essence of beauty and quality.