About brand
Famous Italian brand Agnona – an ideal offering for refined woman, seeking to express her individuality at the adequate level.

Francesco Ilorini’s love to nature and devotion to genuine fabrics transferred into brand Agnona, founded by him in 1952. His knowledge and travels over Australia, Peru, and China while searching the best farmers- producers of wool, alpaca, cashmere and vicuna highly appreciated within main suppliers of fashion designers as Dior, Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino.

Agnona designed for woman, 
her refined taste seduces  and she 
can value the transparent difference
between fashion for today only 
and ever-lasting fashion. 

Over the years, Francesco has come to own manufacture. So, Agnona the conceptual style that never sacrifices comfort, never gives under temptations to the ephemeral tendencies and creates elegant timeless models was born.

Each brand collection is noticeable with an exquisite simplicity of lines, soft enveloping forms and infinite attention to details, each of them bears the aesthetic value. Experiments with details and color scale are especially interesting in a line of knitted products that is present at each collection.

Agnona showroom New York


Inspired by knowledge and love to fabrics, Francesco Ilorini creates Agnona brand.
Zegna Group purchases out Agnona brand and reveals  the distinguished Italian fashion all over the world, Agnona boutiqes raised in the most prestigious shopping centers of Europe. 
Today Agnona brand is worldwide demanded by true ladies, appreciated the perfect quality and delicate style in each detail, each model and collection.

Exposition of models collection Spring’13/Summer’13   
Agnona Home collection
Agnona is noble with the best fabrics