About brand
We have never looked towards becoming the largest company. We have looked towards becoming simply the best
Franz Hiltl
A collection of premium class men's trousers. Jeans, pants, slacks of wool, linen and cotton. The best German and Italian fabrics. More than 50 different models of any size. The perfect quality and great attention to details - pants like as if you ordered a tailor work. 

As the only specialization of the Company were the trousers since 1955, in the art of their tailoring was achieved excellence. The Hiltl quality is perfect, having flawless fabric cutting it fits excellent on human figure. Carefully using the best achievements of the past, Hiltl actively introducing technological innovations.

HILTL - a collection of excellent trousers cutted and sewn by means of special patterns using, shaped over the years. 

About Hiltl:

  • In fabric of Hiltl Smartcel Cotton trousers microfiber Smartcel included with the addition of wax. Thanks to such ingredient this fabric regulates heat itself, giving or taking away from the body an excess heat, if necessary. A Smartcel-Satin fabric has been specially manufactured for the Hiltl firm and a Smartsel fiber has received Thuringia research awards in 2008. The Smartsel unique properties retain even after repeated washings.
  • Hiltl company uses for work standard fabric of Super class from Super100's to Super 160's - these materials are considered the best of the premium class. But they also in Hiltl version acquire an additional value thanks to silk adding (this is a Super 120's Light Dream fabric by Lora Piana) for example, and ingredients adding that make the fabric stiff. This feature is especially convenient for travelers and business people hurrying forever.
  • Another new trend in this collection - a Sartoriale trend. The models of this line have trendy Italian narrowing fabric cutting, horn buttons and hand – made sewing of details makes them more effective. The main ideas are Silk Look Super 100's - bicolor fabrics (it's wool with silk gloss), natural Toccami Super 120's stretch silk gloss and almost crease-resistant, thanks to the special torsion, HighPerformance-100% fiber cloth. Shoppers will find a huge selection of colored woolen fabrics of this quality with flax ingredient. 
  • Hiltl only uses long-staple Egyptian Giza Cotton for cotton based trousers line. This is the easiest cotton in the world having from 200 grams per square meter. Additional comfort provides Non Iron treating (there is no necessary to iron fabric after washing).  
  • Nano Bionic System. The Nano-Technologies mechanism is natural. The leaves of plants and flying insects do not get dirty due to the special structure of their surface that repels dirt. In Hiltl textiles of Nano-bionics system recreated a similar surface structure. Dirt, grease stains and water do not absorb and do not stick to the fabric, they can be removed without any difficulty.
    The system of Nano-bionics, even after numerous washings remains unchanged, it is worth only to iron the cloth with steam to reactivate it.

System Advantages:

  • the lotus effect (very high water repellency);
  • protection against fatty and oily stains;
  • being approved by the Oko-Tex Standart 100 this textile guarantee you a 100% of trust (Oko-Tex are independent supervisory institutions that conduct testing textiles for harmful substances); 
  • special for Hiltl such well-known Italian companies as Barberis Canonico and ErmenegildoZegna create fabrics, that proves the high status of the manufacturer. 

    Thus, Hiltl trousers earned 'for true gentlemen reputation' thanks to supermaterals, serious and profound work on the technologies, high German quality, excellent fabric cutting, comfort and perfect appearance.