About brand
Dalmine is an Italian trade brand for the production of men's knitwear and accessories of luxury class. Dalmine fashion house was founded in 1952. The main distinguishing feature of the brand is its originality and innovativeness that allows designers to create Dalmine niche collections rejecting the standard strategies in the global fashion market.

Each new Dalmine collection is created in compliance with the only term - beneficial use of «made in Italy» label. Meeting the requirements of this collection means the best materials usage only and ideal sewing patterns. Therefore, the entire end product, including the concept of style, materials and advanced technologies, based and produced entirely in Italy. Each season Dalmine demonstrates a commitment to this policy and unusual ethics. The Dalmine Company does everything bravely, with perseverance and business astuteness.

Clothes from Dalmine are
extraordinarybecause of their
materials. They are the achievements 
in the world of technology and textiles.
Australian merino wool, Chinese
cashmere and silk - that are the
components of the success 
of the brand.

 Such Dalmine brand achievements made of a traditional woolen yarn allow you to create innovative, soft, delicate and light clothing. In all lines of clothing eco-dyes used and physical and ecological balance of the fibers is stricken also. Today the Dalmine Collection is represented in 59 countries of the world each season, including 120 shop-in-shop shops.

Dalmine work is based on careful care of male elegance. We constantly search for new materials, special yarns, interesting combinations of colours and patterns, fresh applications and Jacquard in the fashion house. In the process of product creation, that transfers from collection to collection the style of this Fashion House, the new ideas are designed. While Italian Dalmine clothing production only the best materials and Italian-made fibres (pure cashmere, Merino wool and Egyptian cotton and silk) are used.

The Company does not cease to pursue one of the major objectives: a combination of innovation and tradition. Dalmine is constantly experiment with the latest technologies, making a taste of classic and modern glamor perfect.


The Company was founded in 1952 in Italy. The Company is a global manufacturer of high-quality men's clothing made from expensive and exclusive materials like knitted fabric, using only natural fibres, wool, cotton and cashmere. The products are exported to 62 countries all over the world having 120 stores in many capitals of Europe, America, Asia etc. The brand has its own factory with 170 employees and covers an area of 25,000 square meters because all products are sewn by hand in our own factory. Dalmine produces 2 collections of refined and elegant clothes each year.