About brand
The Lardini style based upon tight fitted shaped and elegant silhouette, where the absence of showy details and bright colors demonstarates the restraint corresponding the pure classical male fashion. Guarantee of permanence in quality, the high loyalty of buyers of this brand is the handwork at the each stage of manufacture, strict quality control of performing types of operations, special attention to details, and an ideal proportion of models.

The Lardini man is courteous, self-restrained and always clean-shaven. His suit is his extension. It is a severe elegance of color and nothing excess in details. Classic style honed till perfection. Fitted shaped and elegant silhouette. An eternal usage of exclusive and expensive fabrics only. Many articles of clothing and accessories have elements and details noticeable only to their owner, which mainly provide popularity to its brand.

The choice of fabrics is paid the special attention in the company, using unexceptionally an exclusive and expensive types of fabrics only: Loro Piana, Zegna, Carlo Barbera, Colombo, Guabello, Miglior, Ormezzano, Leomaster, Quaregna, Bertotto, Compagnia Tessile, Togna  and others.

Website of company: www.lardini.it

Only the best fabrics, technologies and creative spirit subtly woven into a strict classis style.


Lardini company established in a historical district with famous custom tailoring workshops, in Fillotrano town.

First of all facility was famous with the fact, that world known brands as Brook Brothers, Dolce&Gabbana, Etro, Burberry`s, Salvatore Ferragamo, Donna Karan, Fendi, John Varvatos and others, ordered the manufacture of clothing

Company registered its own trademark – Lardini – and, besides performance of external orders, started to offer the full set of classic men’s wear under its own name.  

As of the day, the base of assortment manufactured at Lardini men’s wear facility comprises out of incomparable business suit, became widely known owing its perfect quality and original rendering of classic styles.