About brand
The story of Boglioli starts at the beginning of the 1900s in Gambara, in the province of Brescia. Here, the Boglioli family opens a man tailor’s shop that provides services to its clients until the 1960’s, specializing in the production and tailoring of men’s elegance.

In 1970 the acquired distinguished craftsmanship becomes a manufacturing facility. It’s Mario, the founder’s son, that decides to bet on the demands of a highly growing market. Tailoring develops into business, keeping nonetheless the same exact approach to the product. The high profile of the excellence Made in Italy is maintained in the noble materials, the impeccable constructions and the tailors involved. In the 1990s Boglioli chooses to stand alone, discontinuing to supply other brands to concentrate exclusively on its own production. Mario is joined at the creative helm of the company by Pierluigi, the other energetic side of the brand. This marks the beginning of a path leading to success. The deconstructed look precise to the millimeter and calculated in every detail becomes a trademark, the result of textile alchemy. In Boglioli’s laboratories naturalness is product of a highly elaborated industrial process. The fabric is cut through a peculiar technique originated from the study of its fibers; the material is then assembled, ironed and washed with a special solution studied to give incomparable weightlessness and uniqueness to the garment. Even more difficult and precious weaves, as wools and cashmere, are transformed by Boglioli into inimitable suits that acquire a brilliance and softness unmatched in the market.

The historic engagement in research and development is rewarded. Starting from the year 2000 the turnover grows and the brand internationally stands out with a distinctive and highly recognizable image. Meanwhile, the Boglioli family chooses to sell part of the brand to Wise, an Italian private equity fund that acquired the full control of the company in recent years.

After almost a Century of family management, the new management leaves everything unchanged and restores the pulsing heart of Boglioli: the alchemy and excellence sprung from its craftmanship environment. The starting point is the internal research that implements investments in design laboratories and fabric processing. Pattern making is the second step. Specialized roles in the construction of pieces are enforced. The goal is simple; to grow in the luxury market, leaving the battle on prices to others.

In a global market where male elegance becomes mostly synonymous of demand of excellent products, Boglioli’s will is to respect the cult of quality and to take care of the final consumer. The industrial invigoration offers the chance to focus on the product; the famous deconstructed K Jacket, point of reference to all the collections.